Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How much does it cost to build a house in India?

This is a bit dodgy.
Most people own their own land. Do they?
If they do, one could make a house at around Rs 1000 per sq. feet. (amendment on 23 March, 2012, in four years time, prices have gone up by 50 percent. Now it will cost you Rs 1,500 per sq feet.  So, add 50 per cent to prices shown here under)
Depends on the material needed and used.
Here are some Trivandrum, Kerala, India prices on 30th October 2008

Sand for construction cu ft 1 Rs. 40
Sand for construction one truck load Rs. 8000
M sand (man made sand) cu ft 1 Rs. 35
rock pieces 40 mm cu ft 1 Rs. 25
rock pieces 40 mm truck load Rs. 4500
pcc(plain cement concrete work) cu mtr Rs. 4000
Random rubble ( huge concrete pieces) cu ft 1 Rs. 30
steel rods kg 1 Rs. 50
Sand for filling foundation 200 cu ft one truck load Rs. 2000
clay baked bricks one piece Rs. 4.75
brick wall plastered cu ft 1 Rs. 4200
bricks, clay, 600 ould make a cu ft Rs.
Interlock bricks wallone cu ft cost incl labour Rs. 2750
Concrete slabs cu mtr Rs. 5000
Ready mix cu mtr Rs. 5000
Tile roof with steel frame sq mtr Rs. 100
Tiled room with wood frame sq mtr Rs. 135
roofing tile cheap one Rs. 9
roofing tile dear one Rs. 12
tile costs for area sq mtr Rs. 150
tiles that could be pasted sq mtr Rs. 225
Roofing sheet asbestos/pvc sq ft Rs. 65
Roofing sheet aluminium sq ft Rs. 75
Roofing sheet G I sq ft Rs. 65
Powder coated ms sheet sq ft Rs. 100
Plastering inside walls sq mtr Rs. 150
Plastering outside walls sq mtr Rs. 160
Plastering ceiling sq mtr Rs. 175
Anti termite treatment sq mtr Rs. 70
Red oxide flooring sq mtr Rs. 190
Flooring with terracota tiles sq mtr Rs. 35
Mosaic tile sq ft Rs. 40
Ceramic tile sq ft Rs. 40
Granite slab 2 ft X 1 ft Rs. 200
Vitrified tiles sq ft Rs. 75 to 200
Marble sq ft Rs. 50 to 250
Kotah stone sq ft Rs. 50 and above
Teak parquet flooring sq ft Rs. 250 and above
Oak parquet flooring sq ft Rs. 200 and above
HDF boards flooring sq ft Rs. 100 and above
Wiring costs (fan lights extra) 1000 sq ft Rs. 30000 and above
Plumbing jobs for 1000 sq ft 1000 sq ft Rs. 40000 and above
Closet one Rs. 1000 ആന്‍ഡ് a

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